Henkels and McCoy destroying private property

Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania 2 comments

Henkels and McCoy utility contractors are destroying private property in residential neighborhoods. They are driving work trucks onto private property destroying lawns, curbs and sidewalks. They don't even sweep up the mess they created just driving away like leaving the scene of an accident. They damage property just by parking their vehicles-anywhere they want.

Make sure you note identifying information such as vehicles, license numbers, crew description, dates & times if they start working or parking on your property. They're parking ANYWHERE, not just where they're working.

Also make sure you find out which utility they are actually working for. If your lucky the utility will know or find out who was working in your area without alot of hassle.

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Petersburg, Virginia, United States #617729

Henkels and McCoy have a pretty poor reputation as far as quality goes. They are big, and can afford to squeeze out smaller companies.


We had one crew pull on & over three different sideswalks,curbs and grass to work on one patch in the street no bigger than the hood of a car.

The actual utility crews who do anything from routine repairs to replace poles have never had to pull on the sidewalks etc. They just sign and cone the streets like they're supposed to.

Ignorant fracks

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